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Build The Big O offers a variety of service levels for our online directory tool.

Please contact 402-881-2811 for specific pricing.

Additional Services

Search Marketing – Google Adwords paid listings and Bing Adcenter.  We can help you get these up and running and manage monthly ads and bidding.  Display ads and retargeting strategies can also be implemented.  We have extensive experience with this including many local companies, plus millions of dollars in revenue generated for a large national brand.
SEO – There are so many aspects of this, it has to be tailored to your business.  We’ll analyze and research to put the best practices to work.  Search optimization is one important aspect to the overall strategy of your online presence.
Social Media – Social media is an important spoke in your digital plan.  With so many people using social media these days, you have to have a presence there, and often you do, whether you like it or not.
Mobile – Also important in the digital strategy.  Your mobile presence is one of the most important local forms of digital advertising.  Is your site mobile ready?
Analytics –  We’ll help you install, track and interpret your site statistics so you’ll have a better idea of where to place your marketing dollars.
Content Development – this is the glue that holds it all together, copy, articles, unique information, photos and video that get your message out.
Complete Digital Strategy – We love to dig into a business and see what makes it tick, then determine the best way to get it positioned on the web.

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