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On Feb. 24, BlueStone Custom Builders of Omaha literally rewrote a 100-year-old English idiom that says, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”_MG_4039_For-Web (1)

Using the popular social networking service Facebook, BlueStone Custom Builders reached more than 4.5 million people during the week following the February post of a 36-picture display of a pre-sold custom-built home. In social media terms, the post “went viral,” meaning the interior photos of a $410,000 home generated enormous attention in the form of a high number of likes, shares, and comments.

“BlueStone Custom Builders gained national attention with one single Facebook post,” said Joseph Kenney, president of 316 Strategy Group, which is a national leader in social media management. 316 Strategy Group uses its award-winning digital-media team and web designers to create winning business strategies, build effective organizations and deliver marketing and sales results.

As of June 22nd, BlueStone Custom Builders had picked up 236,000 Facebook followers, making BlueStone one of the largest custom-home building pages on Facebook,” Kenney said. “BlueStone Custom Builders receives daily construction requests from all over the country via Facebook, Twitter, phone calls, emails and website inquiries. They are exclusively an Omaha company, a highly successful one that is widely respected by area realtors.”

The numbers for the BlueStone Custom Builders post on Feb. 24 were mind-boggling. Pictures of the five-bedroom, three-bathroom ranch-style house that features 4,152 square feet of living space generated more than 20,800 “likes” and 109,176 “shares.” Shares mean that Facebook users copied the photo display to their own Facebook pages. Hence, the post truly went “viral” in the strongest sense of the term.

The home, situated in the South Hamptons subdivision of southwest Douglas County near 238th and Q Streets, is located northeast of an 80-acre oak forest. The listed price of $410,000 did not seem to faze the Facebook admirers. A smattering of the comments on the post:

Arlene M: “That would be a million-dollar house in Australia … without the land.”

Brenda J: “Perfect!!! Can’t wait to see your pre-sold homes! Such beautiful homes!!!”

Hannah A: “OMG, it’s in Omaha.”

Chelsea K: “I just have to say that BlueStone has the most gorgeous homes in Omaha. When the time comes for my family and me to build, we will definitely be working with BlueStone! This house is amazing!”

Olivia C: “Baby, look at this house. This is everything I basically want. OMG, I love the shower, and the kitchen is so beautiful. I’m in love, and the house is so big, and I love the huge windows.”

Samisha S: “Absolutely outstanding. I love how the builders took into consideration every single detail when it came to building this home.”

“BlueStone Custom Builders are widely respected for not being a ‘business as usual’ custom-construction company,” said Kenney, the 316 Strategy Group owner.

“Custom-home builders typically restrict homeowners from purchasing their own appliances or choosing their own heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) company. BlueStone Custom Builders accommodates the requests in any way that benefits the customer. They are truly the premier custom-home builder in the Omaha area.”

Realtor Kellie Konz Wieczorek of Nebraska Realty believes the BlueStone Custom Builders’ track record of success is off the charts in every respect. “Jeff, Dustin and Hank with BlueStone have been fantastic to work with! Their approach to the build process has been a unique and refreshing experience for my clients, most important, but for myself as well,” Kellie said. “Building a new home is an exciting adventure as well as an important financial decision. The philosophy, professionalism and style that BlueStone encompasses is geared with those notions in mind: provide an overall enjoyable experience for homeowners. I look forward to a bright future with BlueStone in the Omaha-area real estate market!”

Reviews of BlueStone Custom Builders have been top-notch, and not just from customers. Another realtor went into great detail to explain his experience with BlueStone Custom Builders:

“Having worked in real estate for more than 15 years, I will admit that my expectations are high for a home builder and the customer service they provide. I will also happily admit that BlueStone Custom Builders owners Jeff Perdue and Dustin Mallory exceeded my expectations.

“I first reached out to Jeff via email on a late weekend evening regarding one of their pre-sold custom-built home with which I fell in love. He replied immediately. The next day, he was in the pre-sold taking a video tour of the property for me, since I lived out of town.

_MG_4003_For-Web (1)“Both Jeff and Dustin met my mother and me for a tour of the property when we came to town. Jeff also allowed us to view his own home for ideas. Both homes were beautiful, very unique, extremely well built and unlike any others I had seen in the market after searching for more than six months.

“Their attention to detail is unparalleled, and the creative home solutions they include are unlike any I’ve seen. Most of all, Jeff and Dustin are efficient, quick to respond and, in all honesty, the easiest builders with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working.

“If you are looking to build, BlueStone Custom Builders should be your first call. You will not find a more creative, high-quality or customer-friendly luxury-home builder in the area.”

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As a “cost-plus builder,” BlueStone constructs Omaha-area custom homes in the $300,000 to $1 million range, partnering with customers throughout the entire process to ensure that dream-home needs are met. To view pre-sold custom-built homes or new construction homes, contact BlueStone Custom Builders at (402) 880-7151 or (402) 871-4411 or check out the company website at

To view pre-sold custom-built homes or new construction homes, contact BlueStone Custom Builders at (402) 880-7151 or (402) 871-4411 or check out the company website at or become a Facebook follower at


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